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The Livelihood Systems Institute (LSI) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit research and program development organization. LSI was founded by Duane Fleming and has four Board Members who provide direction and support.

Duane Fleming is the author of the Home Ownership Plan and the details of the legislation, which was introduced in the House of Representatives as the “Restore the American Dream Act” by Rep. Robert Wexler (D) Florida. Wexler retired and the bill was taken up by Rep. Ted Deutch (D) Florida, who is working to advance the legislation. The Home Ownership Plan is described in some detail on this website.

Fleming is also the author of a novel, The Trinity Constellation, which describes new economic arrangements to replace the collapsing corporate structure. Today, corporations are viewed as dysfunctional, overly greedy at the top and dangerous to our well-being as they fire people by the thousands at will, cut pension plans and have held wages stagnant over three decades.

Trinity Constellation

The foundation for the Trinity Constellation enterprise is the highly successful Mondragon Cooperative Complex in the Basque Provinces of Spain. These entrepreneurs employ 100,000 people in Mondragon in 120 worker-owned cooperatives. They produce most of the appliances in Spain with 70 industrial cooperatives. Most importantly, Mondragon has its own banks, which enables them to create new jobs for their children and the community. Mondragon has its own schools, supermarkets and Mondragon University. They have taken control of their work lives and their community. Originally founded by a wise priest and five engineers, Mondragon offers a value-based democratic workplace, with a family and community focus and the power to develop free enterprise at its best: freedom for individuals to have a good life and a comfortable retirement. Mondragon Cooperative Corporation has come to America and has signed an Agreement with the United Steel Workers to begin to create worker-owned cooperatives in the United States.

Fleming has written an upcoming non-fiction book titled NATION BUILDING AT HOME: How to outrace the oil crunch and create happier workplaces with personal financial security. This book is not yet published, however portions of it will be published on this website.


  • In the early years of employment, your employer can shift contributions from a 401(k) to your home ownership plan account.
  • Two working spouses can merge hop accounts into one account and have $40,000 to $100,000 for a down payment.
  • You never pay taxes on your savings when you use to money to buy a home. all hop account contributions by you and your employer are tax free.
  • You can take out a 20 year mortgage and pay off your house by age 55-60 and have much more disposable income.
  • After buying your home with a HOP by age 40, you will still have 27 years to save for retirement.
  • If you would like to see the "Restore the American Dream Act" passed by the House, take action by arranging a 30 minute meeting with your Representatives at their local offices, and ask them to become co-sponsors of the bill to advance the Home Ownership Plan.  We need a "working people's lobby" to have an impact on Congress. This bill should be supported by Republicans and Democrats to create jobs.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop programs and legislation that will create good, sustainable jobs and make home ownership more affordable for working individuals and families.

To advance federal policies for Nation Building at Home, especially a Long Range Energy Plan and a Long Range Transportation Plan to outrace the oil price crunch and to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Our Vision

A new economic system can create enough good, sustainable jobs and happier workplaces with a comfortable retirement by establishing worker-owner cooperatives in America similar to the highly successful Mondragon Cooperative Corporation in Spain.

The American workplace can be transformed by transcending the conflict between capital and labor when the business or corporation is owned by its workers.

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small 2Author Duane Fleming is a city planner and the author of several books including Transformation to Abundance, Trinity Constellation, and The Home Ownership Plan.