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Duane Fleming is a city planner and the author of the Home Ownership Plan, which can put home ownership within the reach of most working people. This idea was one of the 21 finalists out of 22,000 ideas, submitted in the national (best idea) Since Sliced Bread contest sponsored by the SEIU. Fleming holds a Bachelors Degree from Xavier University and a Masters Degree in City Planning from the University of Cincinatti.

During four years of service in the U.S. Air Force, Duane Fleming was stationed in Seville, Spain for two years, where he experienced the culture shock of deep poverty and learned the meaning of real destitution. He also experienced the enlightened European "art of living", with warm gatherings and conversation for hours around lunch or dinner. His knowledge of

Spanish culture and poverty was broadened during a trip to Honduras, which is the actual setting in Latin America for his novel, The Trinity Constellation.

Fleming worked his way through college as an architectural draftsman, and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Xavier University in Cincinnati. He received the Archbishop McNicolas Award for excelling his class in the study of Philosophy. This led to a life-long study of human values and two years of letter exchanges on values with a group formed at a conference in Toronto. This endeavor culminated in a paper titled "Translating Values into Action", which Fleming presented at the Fourth General Assembly of the World Future Society in Washington, D.C.

He earned a Master of Community Planning degree from the University of Cincinnati, with a strong emphasis on his minor in Economics. Fleming worked for seven years as an architectural draftsman, five years as a Senior Planner with Dayton, Ohio and five years with West Palm Beach. He founded the Livelihood Systems Institute (LSI), a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of affordable housing and job creation. For three years, LSI worked with all of the major cities in Ohio, with additional funding from the George Gund Foundation, The Cleveland Foundation, the Standard Oil Company, and the Dayton Foundation, which resulted in the allocation of millions of additional dollars to affordable housing in Ohio.

Fleming has had two articles published on the Home Ownership Plan in the Journal of Housing, and articles in The Christian Science Monitor, The Palm Beach Post and the Dayton Daily News.

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small 2Author Duane Fleming is a city planner and the author of several books including Transformation to Abundance, Trinity Constellation, and The Home Ownership Plan.