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  • Tranformation to Abundance
  • Home Ownership Plan
  • Trinity Constellation
  • Transformation To Abundance

    Livelihood Systems - Author Duane Fleming

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  • Home Ownership Plan (HOP)

    Livelihood Systems - Author Duane Fleming

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  • Trinity Constellation

    Livelihood Systems - Author Duane Fleming

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"Livelihood Systems Institute is a Non Profit Research Organization for Job Creation and Affordable Housing. The Home Ownership Plan (HOP) is a major project of the Institute.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop programs and legislation that will create good, sustainable jobs and make home ownership more affordable for working individuals and families.

To advance federal policies for Nation Building at Home, especially a Long Range Energy Plan and a Long Range Transportation Plan to outrace the oil price crunch and to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Our Vision

A new economic system can create enough good, sustainable jobs and happier workplaces with a comfortable retirement by establishing worker-owner cooperatives in America similar to the highly successful Mondragon Cooperative Corporation in Spain.

The American workplace can be transformed by transcending the conflict between capital and labor when the business or corporation is owned by its workers.

Our Location


Livelihood Systems Institute
5208 Tarragon Lane
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

About Livelihood Systems

About Duane Fleming

small 2Author Duane Fleming is a city planner and the author of several books including Transformation to Abundance, Trinity Constellation, and The Home Ownership Plan.